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Laser Therapy

Get rid of your pain and discomfort with our cutting-edge laser therapy solution. We can help your body heal by reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain, and speeding up the repair process. Let us help you recover and live an active, pain-free life again. Contact us to find out how to avoid surgery and minimize your use of medication. Get to the root cause of your symptoms and schedule your consultation now!

Class IV laser therapy is a safe and effective method of reducing pain, accelerating healing, and reducing inflammation. When light is applied to the skin, photons penetrate deep into the tissue and are absorbed by the mitochondria, the energy-producing part of cells. This energy stimulates the cells to perform their natural functions, but at an enhanced rate, speeding up the body's natural healing process and promoting healthy cell growth.


Q: Is Laser Therapy Safe?

A: Yes, Class IV laser therapy is very safe, and patients typically only feel a mild warming sensation. All safety precautions, including the use of safety glasses, are taken before therapy begins.

Q: Is Laser Therapy scientifically supported?

A: Yes, Class IV laser therapy has been extensively researched and documented, and is considered one of the most dependable and effective forms of therapy.

Q: How long does each treatment take?

A: Class IV laser therapy is much faster than other forms of laser therapy, and the maximum effect is often achieved within a few minutes.

Q: How often should I be treated?

A: The frequency of treatments will depend on your specific condition and the severity of your symptoms. A personalized treatment plan will be established for you to achieve the best results.

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: Many patients report feeling results after the first treatment, but this will vary depending on the individual. However, results are often quickly felt with Class IV laser therapy.