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Experience less pain. more energy and get back to being your best. We use a combination of chiropractic, medical massage and stretching - in addition to cutting edge treatments like laser and shockwave - to help people finally become pain-free so they can know what it feels like to have optimal wellness and MaxHealth.

I have been coming here for at least 5 years now and it's an appointment I truly look forward to. Everyone who works there is warm, welcoming, and highly professional. I always walk out of there feeling 10x better than I walked in. They are great advocates of and partners to good health

I have been coming here for many years for my back. Now I'm getting laser treatment for my knees twice a week. I feel so much better. The achiness and pain is very minimal. I have one more treatment. The staff and doctors are amazing.

I was injured very badly with back and neck pain after being rear ended by another vehicle. As a result of the accident, I could not move , walk , sit, or even stand up for roughly about 60 days following the accident . Even the slightest movement I attempted would cause severe pain. I started to meet with my general physician and a local chiropractor and even did an MRI. Not knowing what was wrong with my body and why I was in such unbearable pain. I was very down during those 60 days, and everyday felt like a challenge to survive. Then after receiving pain medication , and receiving treatment from a local chiropractor in NJ a few minutes away from where I live, and after the MRI results. I was recommended to continue with the treatment and medication. But the pain was persistently painful and did not go away. Then after I was able to start walking and sitting down after 60 days . I visited MaxHealth Center which was in NYC and about an hour away from NJ and explained my story, described my pain and my every day struggle to do normal activities. Soon after I switched the NJ chiropractor to the NYC chiropractic at Maxhealth Center. It was a longer drive , somedays I would take the train into the city . The commute would be 40 to 60 minutes vs the 5 to 15 minutes of local chiropractor in NJ. But the results were astoundingly different. The pain I have in my back and neck and still some in the legs and shoulders started to decrease day by day. I started to realize I finally once again have some mobility . By far one of the worst pain I have experienced in my life , was not the biggest struggle of my day to day life anymore. Maxhealth offers awesome treatment that included physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, and a reliable referral system incase of seeking other health care professionals for additional treatment. Maxhealth center offers unmatched customer service, friendly staff, atmosphere of serenity , flexible scheduling , and an amazing team of health professionals that will cater to all your health needs and bring you back to a more comfortable manageable life, all with a smile :). I Highly recommend Maxhealth for all family , friends , brothers and sisters . God bless and wishing everyone a healthy and a happy life!)

They do magic !!! Really! On Friday October 22 I felt sooo miserable. I had vertigo, a debilitating headache, I was nauseous and my neck was so contracted that my head was shaking. Some friends suggested that a good chiropractor could help. After all, I had already seen my pcp and he directed me some exercises for bppv (vertigo from some loose crystals inside the ear canal) and if that didn’t work to go to my ENT doctor. After 10 days and getting worse I called the ENT doctor and he couldn’t see me until Monday. I repeat it was Friday…. I decided to go that Friday to MaxHealth. I’ve known them from years ago and the massage therapist is a friend of mine, but I confess I didn’t have too much hope. They treated me for 2 different possible problems. The ear bppv and the contractures in the neck and shoulders. 50 minutes deep massage on my neck and body, later the doctor gave me what I call a Craniosacral massage and then alignments and stretches al over my neck, middle and lower back. Freezing cold compress and….OMG. I felt like I was awakened. My vision got more clear, the pain in the neck dissipated right there while I was on the massage table. It was like magic ( or like a religious miracle). But really!!! When Doctor Reef and Gloria (the massage therapist) finished their work I felt like I had given anesthesia on my neck, or as if I was walking on a cloud. I guess the blood that now was flowing freely (and irrigated areas of my head that wasn’t getting too much of it for a while) was that PRECIOUS AND RELAXING feeling at that moment.Four days later I only felt a very soft dizziness once. Im very grateful to them.Not only they did their job but I feel THEY CARED. They really did and that’s why it worked. I wanted to share my experience and recommend them. A pair of great professionals and really good people.

The most professional and friendly service Ever!! The office is spotless and very well organized! Which makes things run smoothly! There's never a wait longer then 10 min. The best part is the treatment!! The Doctors are extremely knowledgeable and kindhearted which makes all the difference to me! When i first came to them i could barely walk .. and with all the wonderful care, massage and gentle adjustments and just the right exercises i made fast recovery! Life is so much better when you feel healthy! And this team of professionals knows exactly how to help you do that!! So grateful to have them in my life! Highly recommend!!

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Dr. Ruth Ann Fernandez

Dr. Ruth Ann Fernandez

Clinical Director - Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
Dr. Ruth Ann Fernandez, Clinical Director of the Manhattan (NYC) MaxHealth Center, has enjoyed working with thousands of patients over the past fifteen years, relieving their pain, restoring function and movement, and vastly improving the quality of their lives.
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Dr. John Fernandez

Dr. John Fernandez

Chiropractic Practitioner
Dr. John Fernandez joined forces with Max-Health Center in New York City to add a very specialized type of treatment geared and focused on chronic pain dysfunctions while maintaining a practice as the Owner and Clinical Director of Back to Life Sport & Spine Care, PC located in Woodside (Queens), NY for the past 20 years .
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